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2 years gone

I’m 18 and I’ve always felt as if I was born in the wrong generation. I love rock and roll and old cars and clothes from 1960’s to 1990’s (I would have been happy as a teenager anywhere in there) so when Covid-19 hit us it was very hard to understand. I still don’t understand. It made me feel like I was living in a simulation and as if life is a dull ball with no hope for the future. I mean we have climate change, the ugliest cars we’ve ever made so far, horrible music made from computers that sound like robots having rumpy bumpy time and now a global pandemic that has stolen 2 years of my youth where I haven’t been able to do year 12 properly, go out and dance, go out without having to sweat out of my lips when I’m working because of masks (I have never sweat out of my lips until I had to wear masks).

Pretty much what I’m saying is I feel like nothing really matters because everything is just the same, all the time. We get Delta then we get Omicron, what next, big bird? I got my vaccination and I was very scared to do so but it changed nothing in South Australia.

So yeah, thanks for your time and sorry I didn’t write this in the most exquisite wording.

2 years gone

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