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Hi,  How are you? I hope you are well. I am writing from Edinburgh in Scotland. I wasn’t to share how I spent my days during ‘Lockdown 2020.’ During Lockdown I could not go to school. I missed playing with my friends at school. But I was happy that I could spend more time with my family. [Children’s drawing of 4 stick figures holding hands, all with black hair] I got to ride my bike a lot. I did experiments with paint and water with my brother Nilay in my garden. [Children’s drawing of a girl sitting on a bike]
On sunny days I go for a walk with my mum, dad and Nilay to the park. The play area in the park has been closed since lockdown. So I played with Nilay and Mum while my dad does his running around the park. It was fun.  My ballet lessons are done on zoom now. I started my music lessons online with Nilay. We enjoyed it.  I hope that nasty virus leaves us one day and everything goes back to normal.
I am looking forward to going to school and meeting my friends. I pray to God to make the world safe.   Edinburgh 01.06.2020  Love,  Nikhita (6 years)  [Drawing of the world with a smiley face]

A letter from Edinburgh

The National Museum of Australia’s curatorial team received a letter from Nikhita, a 6 year-old living in Edinburgh, Scotland. She told us about how she has been spending her time while school has been closed: zoom ballet lessons, online music classes and family time in the park. Thank you Nikhita for sharing your story with us!

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