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A Long Way Home

A Long Way Home
(Our experience traveling during the coronavirus pandemic 2020)

Daddy took us to Melbourne
He said it was for work
I had to leave everything
Behind back home in Perth.

Melbourne was so different
It rained a lot most days
I got to jump in puddles
And change the way I played.

I had to make new friends
My new teachers were nice
But there was something missing
Having my home would have been nice.

I missed seeing my nan and pop
I missed the sun on my face
I missed the lovely beaches
I missed my home, my little space!

I wished with all my heart
To go back home
I even told the fairies
I’m sure they’d take us home.

Then there came a virus
I couldn’t go to school
I couldn’t go anywhere
That wasn’t very cool.

This virus had a lot of bugs
We often washed our hands
This virus wasn’t friendly
It began to spread across the land.

Then I heard some good news
Dad said “we are going home”
Yes! Back to my favourite place
The place we all call home.

The fairies must have listened
To my little request
I knew I would go back one day
I think I did my best!

Mum said “home is a long way”
We had to go by plane
I was very excited
A plane ride! I’d even do that again.

This plane ride was different
I had to wear a mask
There were people checking our temperature
Mum said that was an important task.

The plane had less people
We were asked not to leave our seat
I could still see the clouds outside
Lucky I got the window seat!

Mum was right, it did take long
But I was able to feel
That ray of sunshine on my face
And happiness in my feet.

I could see Perth city
My home, my little space
I couldn’t stop smiling
I had the happiest face!

We had to wait in a queue
There were cameras everywhere
Mum and dad showed some papers
They said “We’re almost there”

My little brother couldn’t wait longer
We all wanted to go home
A friendly police officer then said
“You’re all good, welcome home!”

We got home and were so happy
I ran around my house
I couldn’t believe I was home
I even kissed my house.

But I couldn’t see my friends
Not even my uncle or nan and pop
We were asked not to leave our house
I wished this would stop.

Mum said “This is because of the virus
we shouldn’t let it win”
If we stayed at home and did our part
This horrible virus would never win.

It’s finally the day I get to go out!
And see my family and friends
I’m so excited to be home
I wish this feeling would never end!

Anjana Gajan

A Long Way Home

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