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Boredom in Lockdown

A VR story about the importance of hobbies in fighting off boredom in lockdown.

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As many people during the coronavirus outbreak were unable to work or go out anywhere, we were faced with a predicament of how to spend our time.

And with no potentially unfulfilling work or side hustle in the way, what you pay attention to in lockdown is purely what your reality is.

So how did people fight this boredom?

If you turn and face the bench behind you, you’ll see what most of us spent our lockdowns doing: streaming movies and TV shows.

And while there’s nothing wrong with this, some hobbies to fill up your day may have included learning an instrument, playing some sport, reading books, resisting Ricky Ponting 2007 on the PS2, or even making a video – as you can see in the mirror there.

It doesn’t really matter what the activity is, as long as you enjoy it.

Hobbies and hobbyists have become endangered as people strive for better lives through working more.

Hopefully, some of us have learned over lockdown that it’s okay to spend time on things just because we enjoy them.

Even if it’s something we’re no good at, like making a 360 film.

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