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Covid-19 and the CPR(Connells Point Rovers) Community

My video shows two participants from the CPR community, both passionate and heavily involved with the CPR football club. they go on to explain the effects of Covid-19 on football and the football club and their personal jobs.

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Hi my name is Baggio Yin and my student number is 5258643.

– Hi I’m Lance.

– Alex Coombe, I’m 30 years old.

– [Lance] President of Connells Point Rovers, also acting principal at Chester Hill Public School.

– [Alex] I play for Connells Point football team and I’m a doctor at RPA Hospital.

– [Lance] In regard to the soccer, it was cut short.

– [Alex] Personally, you know, Covid interrupted our soccer season here at Connells Point. We couldn’t train, you couldn’t see your mates, I wasn’t exercising as much.

– [Lance] It was stopped and that just had a lot of negotiations to do with the members on what that looked like and how we were going to move forward. And then with the association, looking at whether it was a season or not a season.

– [Alex] Being a doctor at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Covid’s had a big impact on us. Everything’s 10 times harder at the hospital. There’s a lot more red tape. You’re wearing N95s, goggles, PPE. Doing your daily tasks has become a major burden now, even to do the most simplest of things.

– [Baggio] Thank you Alex. That’s pretty much it.

– [Lance] Beautiful.

– [Baggio] Sweet.

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