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Covid-19 Poem (Made in the Coronaviris Pandemic 14/7/21)

Covid-19 ruined our lives, making it hard for us to be outside
It is a nightmare; we can’t wake up from.
So we just stay in our beds all day long
It is infectious, mask are the in thing,
Curse this pandemic and let’s reunite.

We find ourselves just looking out the window,
Wishing as if we could go back to ‘normal’,
Day after Day, lockdown after lockdown when can we get a break.
Online school you better say good morning,
Other wise they will think that you are snoring.

People where coughing all over the place,
Now we can’t hang out with our mates.
Groceries, shopping sprees just don’t get a sneeze
Go get tested and stay inside,
Don’t make covid the ‘normal’ surprise.

By Keeley

Covid-19 Poem (Made in the Coronaviris Pandemic 14/7/21)

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