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Covid brings me "Hope"

Covid brings me “Hope”. When people think about Covid-19, it usually has a negative impression. But try to listen to my story, it may bring you new thoughts.

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NARRATOR: Hi, I’m Huson and welcome to my inner world.

This two years has been change a lot.

Did you manage your time properly?

Let’s come and have a look how did I self-improve during the pandemic.

During the Covid time, I had more spare time to find some new interest.

As I was skinny at that time, so it triggered me to work out.

Also, I had started to learn guitar through YouTube and complete one of my childhood dream.

Can you guess out which song am I playing?

[plays guitar]

As I am an overseas student, therefore friends are being extra important, especially in the Covid period.

Therefore sometimes I will visit my friend’s home and play with their cats.

Covid may let us feel pessimistic. However, why don’t we use our spare time to self-improve.

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