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Together Soon Enough

As lockdown began I designed a poster about the one thing we couldn’t stockpile; human affection.

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Hello. My name is Peter Drew and this is my studio where I print posters.

Usually I travel all over Australia, sticking them up on the street but because of COVID, this year I’ve been unable to do that.
So, instead I’ve been sending my posters to people all over the country and some around the world for those people to stick them up themselves.

And it’s been a COVID-themed poster with the words ‘Together soon enough’ and two figures hugging in what is meant to be a representation of the, the absence of affection which we are all feeling in some respects, especially those people in lockdown,
but everyone really because everyone has somebody who is a friend or family member who is either interstate or overseas.

And so I thought that was the best thing to make a poster about during COVID. But what’s really different about it for me is that normally I travel all around Australia sticking up my posters. But this year I’ve been unable to do that so I’ve been sending the posters out for people to stick up themselves.

And that’s been really great seeing people use the poster to take ownership of public space and feel an attachment to it because especially if you’re on lockdown, it’s hard to feel that sense of freedom that we normally have in public space out in the street. And so the poster in a sense is a celebration of that, a celebration of that feeling you get from being on the street.

So that’s been great for me, to see people enjoy that because it’s something that I enjoy so much. I’m just happy that everyone’s participated. If anyone who participated is watching this, thanks for getting involved and I want to do more of it in the future.


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