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A4 sheet of paper, printed with text 'Don't get the COVID Vaccine!!! Follow Science ... Act on the findings of Arpad Pusztai (a biochemist). The COVID vaccine will inflict serious genetic damage  on your future children, namely by giving them [text is underlines] smaller brains and stunted immune systems. This is NOT an exaggeration! In 2003, a biochemist named Arpad Pusztai published a study about  genetic modification. Pusztai found that rats, after genetic modification, gave birth to genetically impaired progeny with [underlined text] smaller brains and student immune systems! THe COVID vaccine is genetic modification with synthetic RNA. In other words, your genome will be altered by the synthetic RNA of the vaccine, and this will cause the same genetic problems that were observed in Pusztai's rats. BITCHUTE: REINER FUELLMICH BITCHCHUTE: FLUORIDE IS POISON YOUTUBE: ANDREW NORTON WEBBER

I will get vaccinated

Conspiracy theories have abounded during the pandemic. This one turned up in my letterbox. I’m 39, so just about to ignore this and be vaxxed myself.

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