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Living with Disability during COVID

The vignette highlights the barriers that James Griffiths, who is blind, encountered during COVID. James lives in the Wellington Shire area and is a passionate Disability Self-Advocate. He highlights the challenges and barriers he and other people with disabilities experienced during the pandemic.

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Emily Beecroft: International Day of People with a Disability is really important to me and the millions of other people who have disability around the world.

Jeanette Vannapraseuth: It’s an opportunity to help people who may not have an disability and may not know somebody who has a disability, to give them a little bit of an insight into our life.

James Griffiths: This day means to be seen. This day means to be heard. This day, most importantly, means to be accepted.

Emily: We can break down the stigma of disabilities.

Jeanette: Jump online if you want some more information.


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