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Lockdown, An Ode to COVID 19

Alone, unsure,
We hide in our homes
Our fortresses against an invisible enemy.

Society in shutdown
To flatten the curve
To keep us safe.

We wait
We watch the screen
Reliant on technology.

With loved ones
Friends and family alike
And the greater world.

We’re all in this together
But I feel so alone.

Of loo paper
Of social interaction.

Of hand sanitisers
Of physical interaction.

Of face masks
Of human interaction.

Skin hunger
A new syndrome
Brought on by rationed tactile intimacy.

Cabin fever
Window twitching
A by-product of social distancing.

ZOOM meetings
Isolation choirs
Virtual performances.

On-line living
Singing, chatting
Exercising, meditating.

On-line shopping
Home deliveries
For body, mind and soul.

To gather with friends,
For coffee, picnics, parties.

Our new normalcy
What have we lost?
What will we gain?

Lizzie, May 2020

Lockdown, An Ode to COVID 19

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