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Daytime scene, with grassy expanse and trees, a road and street lamps in the disance. The blue sky has several wispy white clouds. Large black 3D letters read 'GET VACCINATED'
Black chalkboard hanging on a brick wall. White chalk lettering reads EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT BUT REOPENING PUBS IS IMPORTANTER!
Photograph taken looking down to a concrete floor surface, with a purple circular vinyl sticker showing two white figures with 1.5m distance between then
hands in white surgical gvlose holding a green bowl of spaggheti-Os, with a blue spoon
an outdoor scene with a green strip of grass, trees, and a busy road. Someone in a dark jacket is walking a medium sized white and brown dog. A temporary sign has 'FAKE COVID IS' scrawled on to it.

Making the most of a pandemic.

Trying to distract myself from the daily news I turned to documenting this crazy time in our lives. Setting photos up or just observing what I see.

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