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My experiences and gains in the pandemic as an international student

The video is about my own feeling in the pandemic. I feel very lonely especially in lockdowns. But this also make me treasure the time with friends after staying alone for the long period of time.

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Two years.

What two years means to you?

I’m Emma and I’m 20 years old. Two years is one tenth of my entire life.

I left my home country and come to Australia alone. Loneliness is one of my keywords in these two

I seldom have chance to meet new friends because of lockdowns and online lessons. And I always feel like no-one can help me, when there are more and more people getting infected

and when all the bad news comes.

The pandemic brought me lots of loneliness but it also make me treasure every moment I have with my friends.

After lockdowns, I become more active in community events and everyone become closer as we all understand that the reunion doesn’t come easily.

Life is fragile so just treasure everything we have.

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