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My Story

Covid-19 came to Australia in mid January. I had just travelled back home from the Czech Republic through South Korea. I remember in the airport waiting for my next flight over the loud speaker “If you have fever like symptoms please tell a flight attendant or staff member.” I remember how confused I was about what they were talking about. My father told me “There is probably a case of the Asia flu going around don’t worry about it.”

Two days after arriving in Australia we watched the news and saw that a new coronavirus had started in Wuhan, China and, that there was 36 cases in South Korea. At that time 36 cases really freaked me out. I thought it was so much.

I went into lock down on the 24 of march 2020. I remember arguing with my mother that I had to go to school. My family life changed when home learning started I really procrastinated. My mother saw this and she said that I should do work outside. My mother didn’t help me at all but having a adult next to me comforted me.

When we got back to school we had a practice teacher come. Her and my teacher came up with and Idea. We decided to make an artwork as a class. Each one of us made a coronavirus shape mosaic and we stuck it in three long rectangular tiles. this project took us a while but when it was finished it look magnificent. It is know on the wall at our school.

Our class took the opportunity and we had success. Our class was a small a small version of what Australia did. Working together to make success.

My Story

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