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Pic of the Day

Early August, we’ve been in lockdown for a month and now restrictions are tightened drastically: a curfew, mandatory face masks, schools and businesses close. A friend calls concerned that people he knows might be doing it tough and so he proposes an activity to keep us social and focused on things other than the Premier’s daily press briefings.  Pic a Day is born as a WhatsApp group, there are no rules but an understanding quickly evolves: phones only, critique and comments are generous, no politics and no COVID memes.

Looking back, I can see that the photos largely fit into two categories: Bright and Beautiful and Grey and Desolate. Flowers feature in the former, especially as Spring approaches, while the latter are visual synonyms for social alienation and boredom. These themes play off against each other, a gloomy view of the world is followed by a burst of colour. Thoughtful comments, engaging questions and a bit of banter might follow. The ping of a new message adds joy to each day as a sense of community develops between old friends, friends of friends and people who have never met.

In my one hour a day of allowed exercise each day, I find myself looking at my restricted world anew, searching for a new perspective, for an image worth sharing. Any thoughts of COVID stats are wiped away as I focus on the joy and meaning to be found in a 5 km bubble.  Pic of the Day was a highlight of a low time in Melbourne.

Pic of the Day

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