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That flat-screened grandmother

He’s just turned 2 months old, my first grandchild. We live in the same country. But I am yet to meet him other than on FaceTime. He is yet to feel me cuddling him, to fel my hugs and kisses, to know I’m real. I live in New South Wales and he lives in Western Australia. Same country, but two states currently separated by an invisible wall due to COVID-19. I was even booked to fly across this great land of Australia, from east coast to west, so we could spend his first Christmas together. But four days before my flight was to depart, the recently re-opened border into Western Australia was shut again because community transmission in New South Wales had re-emerged. We will never get that first Christmas back. How I long to hold him, to smell his clean washed head, to look into his blue eyes, to talk and sing to him. FaceTime is better than nothing, but it’s so one dimensional. Will I ever get to show him my three dimensional self? And if I do, will he know me. Or will I forever remain that flat-screened grandmother?

That flat-screened grandmother

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