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Working in regional NSW

I work for Fire and Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW). At one of our offices is in Batemans Bay two of my employees either couldn’t get home or to work due to the bush fires because of road closures at various times. Either their homes were at risk or they were supporting firefighters. It was a terrible feeling when I couldn’t talk to them as there was no power and I didn’t want to waste their mobile battery, but I didn’t want to say goodbye: or when I couldn’t get on to them at all: or when I knew they were the only person left in the building with nowhere to go: or when I looked on the fires near me app and their property was engulfed in fire and I couldn’t get there to help. But what they did was help other people, stood up in their own time of need and helped those who needed help. I am so proud of them.

Working in regional NSW

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