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Hope - New Life

My video links Covid-19 with the theme of hope. Things are changing, but it does not have to be bad. Change can be in a good way too. New life means a new chance, new opportunities and maybe brighter future.

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Covid? I don’t even know where to start.

First the silence guided me to listen to myself.

We’re always running around in life, getting lost and detached from ourselves.

I found myself again. I remembered what made me happy in life.

Then the next step was to get what I want. I found the job. I always wanted to work
remote in marketing and Covid opened up so many opportunities for digital and remote work that I got a full-time job within a few months.

I got a head start to life. I’ve spent my summer travelling and working around Australia.

The global movement towards technology shaped life to be more efficient.

I’m juggling study and work now but it’s not even challenging. I have not been so hopeful of getting my dreams before. I’m excited for the future.

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