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I delivered a eulogy to an audience in masks

We live in Canberra and my Nan was in Victoria. She suffered from dementia and diabetes and was being cared for in a nursing home.

During the State border lock downs her leg was amputated. We were unable to visit her, and her health progressively deteriorated.

Life in the ACT was relatively normal compared to the rest of Australia, and when the borders opened other superficial priorities took precedence in my life. I didn’t prioritise going to visit her.

The next moment, our family was told that she had suffered a seizure and was no longer responsive, most likely due to an brain aneurysm. My Nan passed away three days later.

I feel so guilty that I didn’t take the time to see her one last time, and I feel angry with COVID for placing distance between us.

We applied for a permit to enter Victoria, and at the funeral, I delivered the eulogy to an audience all in masks.

I delivered a eulogy to an audience in masks

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