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Living on UNSW Campus During COVID-19

My video features Claire Lamph, a UNSW medical science student. Claire has lived on campus since the start of 2021. She shares her experience, highlighting the ups and downs COVID-19 brought her.

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JASMINE: So how did Covid affect your first year of university?

CLAIRE: For me, Covid, like I moved out of home expecting to have, you know, the uni experience that everyone
kind of has in their mind and has those goals set for themselves and then Covid obviously threw a massive spanner in the works.

And, that for me, whilst it changed what happened last year and you know having online classes and not having a lively campus anymore and seeing people around, um, it was like very, very different.

Sometimes it was a little upsetting because you’d look out and expect to see, like, a vibrant campus and it would just be absolute silence.


CLAIRE: Um, so Covid had a really big impact on university life here at UNSW.

And, yeah, it’s great to see it back in 2022. It’s really nice to see the campus abuzz
again, so –

JASMINE: – Yeah. It’s fantastic.

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