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What if it is just a dream?

My piece is trying to show a fantasy world in which COVID never exists in my uni life. The happier I looked in the video, the worse I felt when I came to realise everything is just a dream. It is a sad story as COVID ruins all my plans.

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NARRATOR: (sighs) Oh. Wait.

Why are we here in the classroom?

I haven’t seen you guys in a while since the pandemic began. How you guys been?

SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO: Welcome back to my channel (laughter).

(hands clapping, multiple voices chanting)

(mahjong tiles tapping)

PLAYER 1: Whoa!

PLAYER 2: Oh! (clapping, laughter)

SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO: [inaudible] Hong Kong is multinational, being a city of permanent [inaudible] people.

During the 1970s and 80s, Hong Kong was a popular destination for the immigrant.

(alarm clock tone)

NARRATOR: I always wondered what it would be like if Covid didn’t exist at all.

Would my yearly life be happier? Would I be better off getting my
journalistic skills in offline classes?

Whatever. Covid ruins everything.

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