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Just a short few words from my family on how the covid 19 pandemic affected our lives while working in pharmacy.

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NARRATOR: My name is Isaac.

This is my family and these are our experiences dealing with Covid while working at a pharmacy.

We had a lot of our shifts cut during lockdown to save on costs when we really did need more workers to be available during that time more than ever.

We were also closing earlier, which meant I lost a lot of my midnight shifts, which really did affect my lifestyle.

GUEST 1: So when the pandemic first hit, all the doctors were emailing us scripts, which meant that there was no paper scripts so customers were a bit confused, we were a bit confused.

There was a major change in the way that things were getting done in our pharmacy.

Now we’re sort of getting used to it but there’s still some things that need to be put into place that will make it more efficient.

GUEST 2: I found the customers in the beginning of the pandemic – obviously a lot of changes had to be done so there was a lot of confusion.

Customers were treating us quite badly and abusing us and getting impatient.

That put a lot of pressure on us because we were also dealing with the changes.

It was a lot of stress on our shoulders.

Now it’s been a couple of years, all the changes are in place.

I find that the customers now are treating us better than ever and we’re used to the new system, the customers are loving the new system, so we are enjoying the customers appreciating us.

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