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The HSC during COVID-19

Join Sydney Girls High School alumni Jessica and Swara as they discuss their experiences sitting the HSC during a global pandemic. A story of adaptability and perseverance, the two young women sit in UNSW, reflecting on their final year of high school.

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JESSICA: So Swara, what was it like graduating in 2021?

SWARA: I think 2021 was a really difficult year to do Year 12.

I think for a lot of us it was really hard because it constantly felt like we were trying to stay afloat, stay motivated, learn all this content but it was like we were running with kind of no end in sight,  with the HSC being postponed over and over again.

I was wondering with you guys in 2020, did you have the same sort of experience?

JESSICA: Yes we did in the sense that we had that change where Covid hit us and literally everything – we never had online learning before – so it was just something that we had to really adapt to.

But at the same time, it wasn’t a prolonged thing like it was for you. Our lockdown ended rather quickly and so did the HSC in the sense that, yes, it was pushed back, yes there was a bit of uncertainty but it was just a week and then our results came around the same time as it would normally.

Really, my heart goes out to you guys in terms of that resilience that you said was just – you kept on going.

SWARA: Yes. I think at the end of the day we’ve both made it so that’s the most important thing.

JESSICA: Yes, we’re at uni.

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